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Our labs are equipped to perform a variety of pathological tests, which are used to diagnose and understand various diseases and conditions. These tests may involve examining fluids, or other substances from the body to identify abnormalities or markers of illness. The results of these tests can help medical professionals make more accurate diagnoses and develop appropriate treatment plans for their patients."

Diagnostic Services

A range of pathology routine tests are done in-house as well as through our referral labs that are well-established with NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) accreditations. Our test menu includes clinical pathology, Immunoassay, biochemistry, serology, Microbiology, and allergy.

ECG services are also offered at the centre or from the comfort of your home. Instant ECG reports are provided via email using Wellnest ECG 12 Lead portable device.

Corporate Health Checkups

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Health Packages

Kayros Health Packages are bespoken to cater to all age group of people while addressing the most common ailments that are prevalent in todays stressful environments.

Most Recommended Health Packages:

Kayros Full Body Package - Suitable for IT professionals, work-from-home professionals. Recommended for people 25 years and above.

Kayros Women’s Pro Fitness package - Highly recommended for women who are fitness conscious and want to ensure their wellness quotient to proactively detect any abnormal symptoms. Recommended for women 20 years and above

Kayros Overseas Traveller Package- Recommended for students or professionals seeking a Medical fitness certificate and require health documentation as part of their travel and visa preparation. Tests include RTPCR, HPV, HIV, Hepatitis-A & B, complete blood count, Liver function test, Kidney function test, Urine tests, Diabetes screening, TB Gold (IGRA)

Kayros Kids Package - Suitable for kids (age >7 years) and teenagers. Get to know your kids blood group or find out if your kid is anemic or obese. Tests include - Blood group Rh typing, Hb levels, cholesterol levels, calcium and IgG/IgM to understand if the child is prone to any allergies.

Kayros Diabetes screening Package -  Highly recommended for people who maybe prone to diabetes due to family history of diabetes, sudden lifestyle changes, lack of physical activity or have high blood pressure

Senior Citizen’s Package - A very valuable package you can gift  to your parents and elders who are 60 years and above.

AnteNatal Package - Recommended for pregnant women. This package is designed to meet your needs for blood tests that are generally recommended by  gynaecologists for expecting mothers.

Home Visits

For Pathology tests, you could visit our centre at Thermax chowk or call us on 909 665 4467 for home, clinic or office visits.

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